CTA Nutraceuticals (Asia) Sdn Bhd has been the leading provider of the 'DSY' brand of natural health solutions since 2006 serving professional healthcare providers from conventional medicine traditional medicine and complementary healthcare providers.

We Craft Elegant Solutions with Proprietary Formulations

Each of our products is designed and formulated through decades of scientific data and years of proven clinical outcomes that are evidence-based, building clients’ confidence in your practice.

Your Clients are our clients and they come firstĀ 

We understand business sustainability comes from the trust of our clients and the trust from the quality of the product and services that they experience, therefore your clients are also our clients and they come first.

fall in love with our PRODUCTS


We have a wide range of nutraceuticals covering essential amino acids, non-essential amino acids, micro-minerals, omega 3 (EPA/DHA) that are designed for clinical use.

Traditional & Herbal Extracts

Our range of herbals extracts comes from traditionally used herbs extracted with the dosage designed to help you solve your clients' health issue.

Functional Foods

We offer a wide range of high-quality functional foods made with the finest ingredients to support various health needs and preferences, along with resources and expert advice on how to incorporate them into your diet for optimal health and wellness.

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